It is important to support the bond between person and pet, no matter where they live.

The unconditional love and loyalty of a pet is a great comfort to many, especially those who don’t have a place to call home. There is a unique bond between the homeless and the pets that they rely on for companionship and even emotional welfare. The homeless will often go without to ensure that their pets are cared for first.

However, it is difficult to find shelter and crisis accommodation in Sydney that welcomes both owner and pet. This often means that those without a home end up on the streets for much longer, without access to the means to help them get back on their feet.

We work to raise awareness and support for increased access to shelters and accommodations for both person and pet. The homeless should be able to receive necessary services and support without having to worry about being separated from their beloved companions. Every person and pet deserves to be looked after.




    1. Hi Bronwyn, thank you so much for your message and support. We have some projects in the works but the main thing we would love help with right now is spreading the word about our page. I hope you’ll be able to share over Facebook and Twitter. Please keep in touch.


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