iPhone 6

What the iPhone queue can teach us about the homeless

Line for the iPhone 6

In await of the new iPhone’s recent release, crowds and crowds of people camped outside the Sydney Apple Store on George Street. It’s funny to think that on the same block on the corner of Market and George Street is a makeshift shelter for somebody without a place to call home.

On any given night in Australia, 105,000 people are homeless. So while many excited iPhone fans braved the cold weather and rugged up in blankets and tents for a night, thousands across the nation did too. And sadly they will continue to do so. Especially if they have animal companions and finding shelter is a far-off option.

It was Mission Australia that highlighted this unlikely connection. So they invited the people in that massive line to give a little something back, because if every single person waiting for an iPhone donated what they could, it would make a world of a difference to the less fortunate. Blankets, a can of food, an online donation – it all makes a difference.

For those lucky and dedicated people who lined up to be one of the first to get their hands on a new iPhone 6, it was a strange yet amazing opportunity to feel the struggle of the homeless.

Were you in line to snag one of the new iPhones? How was your experience camping on the Sydney streets for a night?

It’s a chance for all of us to be thankful for a place to call home and do our part for those without a place to stay. Here’s one way to start: donating to Mission Australia. Or even just saying hello and asking how someone is doing the next time you go past George Street. Every little action makes a difference.